Bourgogne, France

A family story

The Earth does not belong to us. We are simply borrowing it from our children

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In Burgundy

Denis and Bernadette were both born and raised in Burgundy winegrowing villages, immersed in the culture of vines and wines from the start.

Their partnership gave them the courage and the desire to pursue a shared dream of having the freedom to grow their own vines and produce their own wines, in order to hand down their expertise to the next generation. They created their estate in 1975 in Meloisey, where Denis was born, on the Hautes Côtes de Beaune.

Harvest 1977

The couple

began with a few rented vines but gradually planted their own on family land, including their now-celebrated plot of La Perrière in Meloisey. Over the years, thanks to hard work and a little luck, the estate expanded with new plots in some of the prettiest villages on the Côte de Beaune, such as Pommard, Meursault, and Saint-Aubin.

As such, the first page in this family history was written.


The Carré family

expanded in the 80’s with the arrival of their two children, Gaëtane and Martial. The natural world, the vineyards, and the winery have always been their favorite playgrounds.

Martial’s attachment to the land and the values passed on to him by his parents resulted in him taking over the estate in 2008. Gaëtane shares his passion and has also joined the family business.


Martial and Gaëtane are proud of their parents’ achievements. Martial’s wife Caroline has now joined her husband and together, they work the 12 hectares of vines on the estate. The vineyard is in organic cultivation.

Martial and his family work each plot with humility, with the ultimate goal of passing on this unique heritage to the next generation.
Bourgogne, France

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