Bourgogne, France

Our philosophy

Great wines are born in the vineyard, and it is therefore essential that the vines are perfectly balanced, healthy and vigorous throughout their growth

Louis Pasteur

In harmony with nature

Every plot
is unique

Most of our time is spent working in our vines, which extend from Meursault to Pommard, via Saint-Aubin, Auxey-Duresses, Saint-Romain, Meloisey, Beaune, and Savigny-Les-Beaune. It’s a great pleasure to care for each individual plot in such a beautiful landscape.

Love and respect
for the vines


We prune our vines in the Guyot Poussard style and we till the soil, using only copper and sulfur to fight powdery and downy mildew.


Our work in the vines and the cellar is also guided by the phases of the moon.


Organic cultivation is a natural fit with the work we have been undertaking since the late noughties.

A perfect balance

Revealing the nobility of the terroir

Harvesting on the estate is always carried out by hand and the grapes are scrupulously sorted to ensure the quality is perfect. As a result, the grapes are perfectly healthy, and fermentation happens naturally thanks to the indigenous yeasts present on the skin of the grapes. We use no enological products other than low doses of sulfur to protect the wine from any bacteria.

A respect for life

Organic cultivation

Our approach – one that is respectful to life – involves using no chemical treatments. We believe this is the only way to produce living wines that are exceptionally balanced and exquisitely vibrant, each one epitomizing their terroir.

We are proud to only sell wines exclusively produced from our own vines.

And the best reward is seeing our customers around the world appreciating the diversity of our wines.

A few key dates

Practices that are in harmony with nature


Managing grassing by working the soil according to the flora on each plot.

The use of vegetation cover as a green fertilizer for several years after every time any vines are pulled up.

Shredding of vine prunings from the estate and the complementary use of organic fertilizers and soil improvers.

2009 & 2011

Ending the use of anti-rot treatment on the grapes, and then ending the use of herbicides and insecticides in the vines.

Since 2020

Organic cultivation.

Bourgogne, France

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